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Small presses are a major source of information on esoteric subjects that lack the broad popular appeal that the mainstream trade requires. A direct purchase is a great way to say thanks, keep publishing.

Any thanks run both ways; you're the essential element in our publishing equation. To show our gratitude, we're offering a "Direct Discount" on web orders as detailed below:


1. Offer applies to retail sales only: US mail or phone orders. Limit is 3 disks per customer. For your own security, please DO NOT send credit card numbers via E-mail!

2. Discount price for US Customers is $22.95/disk and you get FREE SHIPPING.

3. International orders pay only $20 (US FUNDS) per disk. Sorry, no free shipping. - Rates vary please e-mail preferences

4. Offers ends 12 noon, March 15, 2005.
Depending on response this offer may be extended.

5. Ask and you shall receive: you need to mention the discount to qualify.









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