What is it about Skin boats ?

Skin kayaks are light, resilient, responsive,and beautiful.
They meet each wave with the same suppleness that lets you
feel the caress of a kelp stalk as it passes beneath your hull.
Particpate in a living, interactive experience, surrounded by a tough compliant skin.

No wonder the ancient Aleuts called themselves "riders"
and not "paddlers".

We are building some of the lightest, most responsive kayaks around, at a level of craftsmanship honed by building varnish-finished wooden canoes.

"Responsive" means a live feel on the water, a boat that goes where you want and does what you want without fuss and struggle. It means a boat that is fun to paddle.

All copy sounds good in print, that's what it's for. The only way to judge a boat and to see if it suits you is to paddle it. We encourage you to try one of our boats and see for yourself.