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Info on Feather

Info on Bering sea types (Both in So. Calif. Kayak Builders format- no official endorsement given or implied. )

Bering Sea Qayaq detail Gallery

10 ' "Harbor seal" in background. "Feather" on the left is an Aleutian style. The other two qayaqs are Bering Sea style, the middle one is pictured in frame below. Boat on the far right is similar to middle qayaq, but has a flatter midsection and lower deck profile. The qayaqs are 13' 4" LOA, 27" beam.


This is a shortened Bering Sea qayaq with inspiration from Dick Bunyun (Hooper Bay). This qayaq follows general Delta practice, but is not meant to be a replica, or strictly "accurate". It paddles extremely well, with a single or double blade, and is a fine day boat and camper - excellent load capacity is a key note.

This frame is the middle qayaq in the above photo