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What is it about Skin Boats?

Skin kayaks are light, flexible, resilient, responsive, beautiful. Meet each wave individually, with the same suppleness that lets you feel the caress of a kelp stalk as it passes beneath your hull. Participate in a living, interactive experience surrounded by a tough, compliant skin. No wonder the ancient Aleuts called themselves "riders" and not paddlers.

What goes on at Kayak Way?

Kayak Way is about the continuing evolution of skin boats. There's almost always a boat under construction or on the drawing boards, whether it's a student built kayak, or the latest addition to my growing fleet. In the past few years kayaks from 11 to 27 feet, single, double, and triple, and a variety of umiaks have come through the shop doors.

Visor In Action

Note the shadow line. The low arctic sun and glare from the water makes eye protection a necessity. This is the face of a tough, competent sea hunter, seasoned from long experience and backed up by the finest boats and gear any technology on the planet has yet devised.
Unangam Kayuu
PO Box 451
Eastsound WA 98245
kyak at rockisland dot com

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