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Alaskin - This is a kayak in the 13- 15 foot range- a mixture of Aleut and Bering Strait styles. Light and exceptionally responsive, it is an ideal day and play boat or week-end cruiser. High and low volume versions.

Fox Dancer

Fox Dancer - A Fox Island Aleut style Iqyax, 15 to 17 feet, also called the baidarka. High volume expedition type kayak. Fast, sleek, a good seaboat.


Umiak - Open boat used all over the Arctic for possibly 10,000 years. Functions as a marine pick-up truck. Umiaks are safe, extremely versatile working boats that can carry incredible loads, even in the smallest sizes. From 13 to 30 feet, family sized to village sized. Can be paddled, rowed sailed or rigged for outboard motor.

All frames are constructed with the highest quality materials, mainly yellow cedar and sitka spruce. Fastening is by lashing , although Umiaks use some silicon bronze fasteners in selected places. Metal fasteners have been used in the arctic for this purpose ever since their introduction. Boats are skinned with tough synthetic fabrics that resist tearing, puncture and abrasion to a degree that puts them at no disadvantage to fiberglass, plastic or wood - usually with lighter weight. Skin is waterproofed with coatings of Hypalon or translucent urethane rubber, which can be tinted or colored for a variety of effects.

These boats are designed to function without the need for rudders.

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