Auklet is a mini Nunivak Islander, a Bering Sea kayak
in a recreational incarnation. Length is 10.5, 12.5 0r 14 feet,
paddling weight is under 25 lbs. Auklet is perfect for the
casual paddler or serious solo traveler.

Auklet's heritage is pure Bering Sea, and features reduced volume and windage. The deckline is re-configured primarily for double paddle use, with a large,comfortable,
elliptical cockpit.

Auklet's plans consist of one detailed sheet that covers lines,construction,
alternate framing with straight-grained lumber, lashing and skinning details.
Drawings for a single-bladed paddle are included.

A Builder's Instruction Manual is included.

Auklet plan set:
$45 for one sheet ( Instruction Manual on CD Disk)

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