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Unique publications

Books & Plans & DVD's
for the
Skinboat Builder


We are a small publishing house with a specialized output that would make a mass-market publisher shake his head in bewilderment.

Our sales of books, plans and DVD's , largely thru this web site, have been sought out by customers from the US, Alaska, Europe and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our publications are known for good writing, high production values and intensive informative content.

Thanks to all our unique customers for their growing support and encouragement!!

Possible projects include a boat-sewing DVD, a history of Nunivak Island boatbuilding, and a book about Skip's Qayaq research and building trips over the years to several Alskan Native villages.


Walrose & Hyde, in association with Kayak Way,
is the most complete source of fully-dimensioned
kayak and umiak plans for the home builder.
Our plans include details on set-up, materials selection, scantlings
and construction.

Our plan catalog is is expanding, check for
new additions.

Kayak Design DVD

Kayak Man, a visit with Harvey Golden
DVD 60 mins


Umiak, an Illustrated Guide


All Kayak plans include a 30-40 page Builder's
Instruction Manual that answers most of the
questions a first-time builder might ask.
Instructions for a successful project include
information on the finer points of
frame building, lashing, covering and sewing.




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